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Connection to oneself and the world by hypnosis

Discover a unique personalised support combining
hypnotic, energetic, shamanic and mediumistic techniques.

danhypnose hypnose connexion créativité chamanisme médiumnité

Upcoming events

About me
Dany Grosjean

As far back as I can remember I have always been called DANY.


I have always loved traveling and meeting others, which has allowed me to understand my inner self. Trained as a nurse with caring at the center of my life, I have always looked for effective tools to improve myself and help others to evolve.

The paths taken have allowed me to meet many people in many countries. From Angola to Colombia via Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Caucasus. I have changed, I have evolved. I completed my course with several training courses in Coaching, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies, Hypnosis, Art Therapy and Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) in Switzerland and with shamans in Peru and Siberia.

I practice Mindfulness Meditation, Magnetism, Past Life Regressions, Intuitive Communication with Plants and Animals and Mediumship, this link between the world of the living and the beyond, which I have the chance to continue to develop with the help of mediums from Arthur Findlay College in England. I also have an FSEA Certificate as an adult trainer.

It gives me joy  to share all this with you, between Switzerland and Belgium, to allow you to move forward on your life path by accompanying you towards more autonomy.

dany grosjean hypnosis connection creativity chamanism mediumship
À propos

Individual support

Need to understand a new situation or find a balance? Together let's find the resources within you to get there.  I offer you unique support combining hypnotic, shamanic techniques (Soul extraction and recovery techniques, Harner Shamanic Counseling), energetic and psychological techniques in French, Spanish or English.    


Price: between 80 and 150 CHF/€ depending on the duration of the session ranging from 45 min to 1h30.

bureau de dany grosjean hypnose connexion créativité chamanisme médiumnité

Contact with the deceased

To do this, I make myself available to the spiritual world, always in an energy of love and benevolence. A communication is then established between our two worlds to allow those who can no longer be heard to speak and transmit their messages to the living.


Consultations ranging from 30 min to 1 hour, between 60 and 120 CHF/€.


By connecting myself with your energy, I let colors, symbols and images come to me, and paint or draw them using different techniques on paper or canvas.


The result in A4 format is sent with a comment by email and the original by post for 150 CHF/€. 

Several possibilities exist:

A "picture" of the moment

A more complete symbolic representation of where you came from, where you are and where you are going.


A representation of your Totem animal or your Spirit guide


A representation of your Totem to color yourself.

Group workshops

Based on some theoretical contributions, the workshops are essentially practical. There are different types of workshops:

  • Self-hypnosis workshops

  • Hypno-creative workshops

  • Thematic workshops

  • Hypno-shamanic workshops 

  • Intuition and Mediumship Development Workshops 

- Only in French -

photos ateliers autohypnose créatif chamanique  intuition médiumnité 

Public demonstrations

photo of dany grosjean and Francesca Reymond hypnosis connection creativity chamanism mediumship deceaced death

Demonstrations of contact with the beyond, in duet with Francesca Reymond. Connections are established with the deceased relatives of the public present in order to deliver messages and provide a proof of the survival of their soul.

- Only in French -

Other services

Oracle cards library

Available in Belgium.

A large collection of oracle cards is available, for you to test whether you have found the correct set of cards, without having to buy it. An afternoon or an evening discovery can be organized on request individually or in small groups.

- Some oracles available in English -

oracle dany grosjean hypnosis connection creativity chamanism mediumship

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